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Publié : 19 novembre 2007
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Me Pirate

Me Pirate
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Me Pirate

If ever I go to sea

I think I’ll be a pirate :

I’ll have a treasure-ship in tow

And a man-of-war to fire at.


With a cutlass at my belt,

And a pistol in my hand,

I’ll nail my crossbones to the mast

And sail for a foreign land.


And when we reach that shore

We’ll beat our battle-drum

And fire a salute of fifteen guns

To tell them we have come.


We’ll fight them all day long ;

We’ll seize their chests of gold,

Their diamonds, coins and necklaces,

And stuff them in our hold.


A year and a day at home,

Then off on the waves again -

Lord of the Caribbean Seas

King of the Spanish Main !